• Welcome to Small Town Plant Girl!

    Why Small Town Plant Girl?

    Being a vegetarian in a small town, I have been increasingly disappointed when going out to eat. Let me guess, my only option is a bland veggie burger. . . or pasta with overcooked broccoli. And somehow the only veggie option was always double the price of everything else!  If your local dining options aren’t great, or are just trying to stick to a budget, you CAN still eat well – even in a small town!

    My Story

    I grew up in a meat-eating latino household, and vegetarian food was not something that was really understood or prepared at home. So, fresh out of high school, I took to teaching myself how to cook nutritious and healthy animal-free recipes! Using google and Pinterest as my tools, I read lots (maybe hundreds!) of food blogs and learned a lot of staple recipes and techniques from cuisines around the world! Equipped with cooking experience, I now create my own recipes and prepare the traditional foods I grew up with and more using simple, plant-based ingredients!